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Did you know that one-third of all people with autism in California live in Los Angeles County?

The Autism Society of Los Angeles is a non-profit 501c3 corporation serving millions of people in the L.A. area affected by autism. Please support our mission, vision and values to make a difference in the lives of people with autism and their families here in our community.



Autism Society of Los Angeles will empower individuals with autism and other disabilities, their families, and professionals through advocacy, education and community support to ensure an equitable quality of life for all.


We envision a future in which individuals with autism and other disabilities can actualize their potential and fully participate in their community throughout their lifetime.


We believe in:

  • Options and choices in interventions, services, supports, and programs

  • Dignity, equality, and access for people with ASD

  • Maximizing the abilities and contributions of all persons with ASD



  • Promote safe behavior in the community

  • Prevent or reduce involvement in the criminal justice system, including victimization

  • Reduce risk through education and training for parents, person with Autism , professional and law enforcement personnel

  • Prevent or reduce involvement in the criminal justice system including victimization

  • Social awareness


  • Promote access to and provision of needed services covering mental health, medical access, educational and vocational opportunities, leisure/social/recreational involvement

  • Coordinate services for people with ASD who are outside the system


Promote appropriate transition services which provide:

  • Skill development and preparation for adulthood

  • Shadowing internships

  • Regional occupational programs

  • Micro enterprises

  • Secondary and post secondary education and training

  • On the job support

  • Employer awareness and support

  • Specialized focus on higher education


Foster a safe place to live and skills to live safely and independently in the community through:

  • Awareness and information

  • Friendship, peer support extended family, social networks & faith-based organizations

  • Promote acceptance in the general community

  • Meaningful contribution to communities

  • Integration & meaningful inclusion in the general community

  • Access to and participation in recreational opportunities

  • Specialized focus with peer mentoring

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