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About Ramator, a fan with a vision.

Ramator (Gus "Chris" Obregon), Influncer/advocate for Autism/Cancer and community needs.

As an Ultimate Super Fan of the Los Angeles Rams I have been a fan since 1975. As a young fan without the resource to attend the games, little Ramator watched from afar and cheered his team week in and week out , waiting for the opportunity to step into the stands and be part of the Ramily.


As a young child, little Ramator's fondest memories of fandom started out at his family reunions, Christmas day to be exact. The entire neighborhood would gather for the biggest game of the year and that was our super bowl, a spirited game of touch football. Visualize a bunch of kids fighting to be McCutcheon, Youngblood, Jackson and Harris the 1975 Rams. We played for the love of the game and the bragging rights of the neighborhood. These bragging rights propelled us into what it was all about, family, friends and football.

The Character/Super hero Ramator debut came into existence in 2021 after observing that our fan base needed some life, something to be excited about. Ram fans needed a spirited representation, the silent need a voice to cheer, the doubter needed faith to stand, the weak needed strength to fight on and we needed new fans to rise from the ashes. Thus came the birth of RAMATOR, the Guardian of SOFI Stadium the Galactic super hero of the Los Angeles Rams, the predator on the hunt to seek out the resistance, to isolate the intruders that shows up on game day with a mission to disrupt.


My sole mission and commitment is to support our local community needs with those who fight and struggle with Autism and Cancer. Creating awareness and support is my goal to enrich and bless the lives of those who strive for a better life. My journey is a blessing that God has bestowed upon me to serve those in need.


As a fan of the Los Angeles Rams i commit to cheer louder, bring the energy that moves the masses and create a new breed of warriors, fans never seen or heard of before, a new fan, a RAM Fan, a FANnomenal fan. Ramator has nurtured new fans to come out of hiding, take on a new persona and best of all, their energized and ready to move our Los Angeles Rams to victory. Being a fan does not require anyone to be a statistician, a Fan is a; an enthusiastic devotee, an ardent admirer or enthusiast in short cheer for the RAMS that's all we ask.

Today Ramator and his son Matthew Obregon attend games building new family traditions, tailgating, community involvement and fan recruiting.


"I am the new generation, we are the Elite Super Fans of the Los Angeles Rams football team and were here to stay!"

Fan News Update: Ramator was presented Fan of the Year on Sunday October 30, 2022. The honor was received at SOFI stadium in Inglewood, California.

Go Rams!

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